Australian Dollar Counterfeit BILLS


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Our fake bank notes are top quality passing the pen and light test and can be used anywhere even banks.

Security features include

Security Thread, Raised Printing, Micro Printing, Portrait Watermark, Color Shifting ink, Pen test Passed, Dimension and thickness same as that of original bills, Different serial numbers, Bills come treated already, Bills are aged before shipping, Bills pass through ATM machines, Can be used in Casinos, stores, gas stations or any where.

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Buy fake Australian money online and change your life overnight

Australia is one of the best places in the world to live and work. Every year, thousands of people migrate from different corners of the world to settle down under. When you have a robust education infrastructure, employment opportunities, and high standards of living, anyone would be tempted to shift their base. However, the cost of surviving on Kangaroo Island is one of the biggest concerns for most people. Accommodation is quite expensive in cities like Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane, while maintaining a lifestyle may further burn a hole in your pocket.

If you are living here with a family and facing a financial crunch, we are here to help you with fake AUD money. Yes, you heard it right! At Trade Money, we are one of the leading counterfeiters in the industry with extensive experience in replicating security features, paper quality, watermarks, holograms, and micro text. You can legally use our counterfeit money in Australia to cover most of your expenses. However, make sure to stay away from places with advanced detection tools.

Where to get Australian counterfeit notes of the highest quality?

There’s always an element of risk associated with the use of forged currencies, but not when you choose a trusted dealer like Trade Money. Our fake Australian money undergoes multiple rounds of trials to make sure it goes undetected in most places, such as retail stores, gas stations, or restaurants.  Your safety is our topmost priority, and we are not here to indulge in cheap business tactics. We offer fast delivery and easy returns for the convenience of our valued customers. Your information is kept confidential throughout the process, and we ship the items discreetly to conceal your identity.

Please reach out to us through the options provided on our ‘Contact’ section, and our team will respond as soon as possible.

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